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The aim of this text is to briefly introduce Volume 1 of the new Geographilatelic handbook Africa, which I wrote together with Jiří Laštovka and which was published in March 2024 by the GEOPHILA association. The intention of both authors is to gradually deal with the whole of Africa for ASFE (“a stamp from everywhere”) collectors and to focus in a new and deeper way on the continent, which was the focus of the first Philatelic Atlas by Jiří Marek (1996). As many of you know, our colleague Miroslav Prokop had been working on a new Africa Atlas for several years but unfortunately his health did not allow him to finish the work or hand it over, so we had to start from scratch. When we kicked off our work in the spring of 2023, we originally aimed at publishing a supplement to the original Atlas by Jiří Marek, but we have gradually come to the conclusion that the extent of necessary modifications and additions inevitably leads to a completely new publication, even if this requires splitting it into several volumes. Sensing a certain impatience among collectors, we preferred to release the first volume in early 2024, even if this meant limiting its scope to Morocco, Western Sahara, and adjacent islands (Azores, Madeira and the Canary Islands). The Handbook is in Czech.


Nicaragua: the ‘Mosquito / Provisional.’ stamps of 1894

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05.09.2020  MSCHREIBER

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Michael Schreiber

In July 1894 in Bluefields, Nicaragua, opportunist Rolando Kuehn created covers bearing stamps of the 1894 issue handstamped “Mosquito / Provisional.” It is a certainty that Kuehn addressed the covers. It is not known if he created the handstamped adhesives, but the evidence says that he almost certainly did.

Figure 1. Cover addressed by Rolando Kuehn to himself at Rama City, located up the Rio Escondido and a 50-mile trip west from Bluefields. The cover is postmarked July 16, 1894, at Bluefields. It bears no backstamp or other markings on the front or the back.

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Post offices in the Khanate of Khiva

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After writing an article about post offices in the emirate of Bukhara, I decided to explore also the Russian post offices in Khanate of Khiva.

New Year’s postcard from New Urgench 1910 (

Documents from that time are very rare, and therefore I am glad to use photos of the amazing collection of Mr. Mramornov for the presentation. So let’s go back to the days when the Aralkum desert was still proudly called the Aral sea.

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A grey area of Soviet postal history – the freshly acquired territories following the Soviet-Finnish war in 1939 and during the Eastern Front conflict


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Every country has several grey areas in its postal history about which little or nothing at all is known. This is no truer than in the case of the postal history and classic philately of Russia and the USSR, which abound in grey areas, with ever new discoveries still being made. In this article, I would like to describe the postal history of the newly acquired Soviet territories following the Soviet-Finnish “Winter War” in 1939 and in the years of World War II.

The Soviets occupied the Viipuri in 1940 (

Pokračování textu A grey area of Soviet postal history – the freshly acquired territories following the Soviet-Finnish war in 1939 and during the Eastern Front conflict

Khorezm – Four New Curiosities


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This still unclear stamp issue took place during the chaotic period of civil war in Russia. It was influenced by the life in the territories of the later Soviet Union, where Khorezm belonged. The news from that time and from this place it’s as scare as hen’s teeth. I tried to find unpublished information about Khoresm stamps on the Czech and Slovak Internet (as far as I know). Or at least those that are more detailed than the ones existing.

This nice set cat. 2 + 1A (Lyapin) sold for $ 2600

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